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Google Ads provide a critical point to connect directly with your audiences. A sound keyword and targeting strategy will ensure the best possible results when investing in Google Advertising.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has more than 200 ranking factors that comprise Google’s algorithm. An optimization audit examines both the visual and non-visual elements on a website as well as the technical aspects on the back-end. google-partner-adwords-search-marketing-post-modern-marketingWe search to highlight potential barriers in creating a positive user experience, as well as issues that may negatively impact your website’s effectiveness as an awareness, lead generator, sales, marketing and/or promotional tool.


The first phase in our SEO process is focused on cultivating an understanding of your website’s performance by conducting a search optimization assessment. Given the more than 200 ranking factors that comprise Google’s algorithm, an optimization audit examines both the visual and non-visual elements within a website as well as the technical aspects on the back-end.

The goal of the audit is to highlight any potential barriers to creating a positive user experience that may negatively impact the website in serving as an effective lead generator, sales/marketing and promotional tool for your business. The audit checks on the health of elements like:

  • Accessibility
  • Technical Requirements
  • On-page Factors
  • Content Checkup
  • Backlink Evaluation


We follow up the discovery phase with a report that outlines our findings and ranks them in order of importance. We work with you to help define and determine the goals for your website and diagnose any sticking points that might get in the way of realizing your website is potential. This phase incorporates a review of the following pieces:

  • Analytics
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis


Once we have compiled the first two phases into a manageable document, we are able to start drawing some connections and visualizing the steps necessary to close any gaps in any existing holes on the site. After that deliverable has been approved, we begin laying out your goals into various funnels. With the historical and supporting data, we can start framing out strategies around your KPIs. Typical strategies may include:

  • Blogging, Standards and Usage Best Practices
  • Repurposing/Restructuring Webpages
  • Social Media Usage, Video Content, Sharing and Best Practices


Now that the strategies have been laid out for each of your funnels, we work with you to outline a plan brings these strategies to fruition. Whether it is looking at some of the on-page factors and reframing how categories, sub-categories and page content is structured, or helping your IT team integrate a blog onto your existing domain, you can count on BK Digital for any additional code, database or implementation as a result of any of our processes.


No process is fully complete until it is out there for the masses to enjoy. Once our custom implementations have run the gauntlet in terms of testing and we receive final approval, we begin deploying the deliverables based on a schedule that compliments your internal marketing initiatives.

Delivery and Support

If there is any required documentation, we will package up any materials, status reports or user manuals to assist in training your staff. We can also deliver monthly reports to help monitor the optimization process as it relates to goals, objectives and KPIs.