The language and terminology people use to search and talk about any topic on the internet are key to social listening for insights and success in organic and paid Google search. Keywords are identified using core pieces of information that truly relate to your audience, the stage of their journey and business objectives.

Once we narrow down and define the information that has the most potential for driving quality traffic to your website, we can start applying a variety of investigative methods to build out keyword buckets and lists that mean the most to the audiences trying to find you.

Once we have keyword buckets and lists drafted up, we’ll mix up those core ideas and the related topics to find the right combination of keyword variations that 1) fit your business, products and/or services, 2) offer viable solutions to adapt to user searches and finally 3) aren’t nonsense. We don’t go around keyword stuffing.

What we end up with are quality keywords with some long tail variations that we help to work into the appropriate pages on your site or social properties. That could mean modifying existing content or if the content doesn’t exist, help expand and build out new pages to invite additional traffic and provide a pathway through your digital properties.