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Why We’re Here

Recognizing the challenges of integrating Digital/Social innovation and communications in traditional company and agency settings, BK Digital was launched as a catalyst to disrupt the industry – on both the agency and client sides – overcoming challenges in integration and driving business results.

We bring a refreshing approach to the agency model – amongst the first in health-related strategic and creative communications agencies that puts digital & social first. Many agencies “have” this as a capability, but it’s not their focus.

PR specializes in PR, Advertising on Ads, Digital agencies focus on websites/tech development, while Social Media agencies focus on social without considering the connections to the larger digital ecosystem. Often, these disciplines are silo’d in company and agency structures. We make sure to integrate them, as correctly implementing digital requires expertise across many different areas.

  • We function as an agency with senior, but efficiently priced specialized teams, with focused expertise and an agile approach that covers all areas of digital/social.
  • Each member of our team has 10-15 years experience in the agency environment. Our extended team, brought in as necessary depending on the project, brings the same level of experience.
  • We are agile and scale to accommodate any needs. Depending on those needs, there may be as many as 15 people working in tandem for our clients, at the cost of just one full-time employee.

We’ve formed a unique approach because we’ve seen first-hand the inefficiencies and barriers to doing great work in digital and social media. We aim to break down those barriers.

Our Approach

Communications in health are very sensitive. It’s an area where emotions, storytelling and how people feel are paramount to success. We stay focused on ensuring a fulfilling experience for patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and other audiences. Our collective expertise allows us to maximize the potential of digital communications.

With a constantly changing digital/social landscape, and the sensitivities of health, it’s imperative that we stay flexible. Working with agility to craft strategies, content and digital and social solutions that truly help and/or provide actionable value for our audiences will always be our driving force.

Coordination of social listening, digital audits, insight gathering, strategy development, content planning, paid social, analytics and staying on the cutting edge of technology and trends are key tenets of BK Digital’s core operating principles. This results in seamless integration and efficient collaboration across complex digital verticals.

BK Digital Square High Res.pngCheck out our Services and Capabilities for more information about our offerings.

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Clients Served

American Express, Advanced Sterilization Products (ASPJJ), Allergan/ BOTOX/ Juvederm, Amylin, Barnes & Noble (Nook), BloomPR, Boehringer-Ingelheim: Drive4COPD, Coca-Cola, Cohn & Wolfe, Cooney-Waters, Children’s Health Fund, CVS Specialty Pharmacy, DePuy, Eli Lilly, GHPR, Golin, Genentech, Gilead, Insight Pharmaceuticals/Anacin, Ionis Pharma, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, Makovsky, Mattel, Marina-Maher, McNeil/Children’s Tylenol, Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Merck, Mission Pharmacal, Montefiore Hospital, Mylan/EpiPen, National Fisheries Institute, Nestle, Novartis, Novartis Oncology, Novartis Clinical Trials, Novo Nordisk, Nu Skin, Ogilvy PR, Ogilvy Common Health, Padilla, Patient Experience Project (PEP), Parents Empowering Parents (PEP), Pursoma, Ruder Finn, SanofiUS, Sanofi-Pasteur, Shire, Spectrum Communications, Sports Authority, Tyco Electronics.

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