Social Listening, Social Mapping, Digital Analysis

Research and Insights Guide a Common Sense Approach to Web, Mobile and Social Media Strategy.

R.A.D.A.R.™ is a 3-point assessment that covers all aspects of digital and social media to ensure an up-to-date,  relevant understanding of the current or past state of activity, existing content and context of conversations. It provides view into what exists, what is missing and where we can strategically fit in. 

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⇒ Digital Landscape Assessment

Exploring Digital & Social Channels, multimedia content and user engagement across digital properties including Websites, Mobile Apps, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo and any other platforms uncovered during a deep dive.

⇒ Social Listening

Social Listening Tools Bring Unprecedented Access to Real Conversations.

A Human Interprets Them.

Mining conversations and comments in Social Media and Forums reveals valuable insights that guide targeted messaging, campaigns, websites, apps, content development and the necessary user experience based on audience needs.

⇒ Influencer Identification

We take a deep approach to identifying Influencers, because “Influencers” can be defined in a variety of ways.

  • In the true definition of what an Influencer is, we wouldn’t consider someone an influencer simply because of reach – in most cases this includes celebrities, high-profile individuals or popular bloggers who make a living from their blog.
  • Anyone with a large network can tweet or post one thing, one time – or even three times – but that doesn’t make an influencer.
  • An influencer is more than followers; they need to be active, consistent and authoritative on the subject, engaging frequently and truly dedicated to their blog or social presence, as it relates to the topic at hand.