Social ListeningReal Insights and Research Guide Strategy.

R.A.D.A.R.™ is a 3-point assessment that covers all aspects of digital and social media to ensure an up-to-date,  relevant understanding of the current or past state of activity, existing content and context of conversations. It provides view into what exists, what is missing and where we can strategically fit in. Each piece of R.A.D.A.R can also be done separately upon request. 

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⇒ Social Listening

Automated reports just don’t do the job. We distinguish between simple keywords “mentions” and ongoing “conversations,” manually reading through hundreds of social media and forum posts to uncover unique context and insights.

Mining conversations and comments on Social Media platforms and Forums reveals valuable insights that guide messaging, campaigns, websites, apps, content development and user experience, based on what the audience needs and expects, not just what we want to say.

Our experience in healthcare and the insights we find are differentiators for our clients, allowing communications to be tailored, relevant and most importantly, sensitive to audiences in ways most companies have yet to grasp.

⇒ Digital and Social Media Landscape Assessment

Exploration of Digital & Social Channels, multimedia content and user engagement across digital properties including Websites, Mobile Apps, Google Search, YouTube, Social Media and other platforms.

  • Explore relevant digital and social properties and content
  • Determine where we fit in the overall digital landscape
  • Identify areas for improvement, including best practices, gaps and unmet needs
  • Develop strategies, content plans and campaigns to differentiate our work

⇒ Influencer Identification and Profiling

A comprehensive assessment of influencers for any topic, along with custom profiling that includes an evaluation of content and an assessment of actual influence. We determine if an individual or organization may be valuable in amplifying your efforts, or building relationships with your target audience.

In healthcare, we approach this methodically because “influencers” can be defined and have impact in a variety of ways. For example, an influencer in Rare Disease may have a smaller following, but is typically more trusted and influential for a specific audience or community than a celebrity.

  • While reach is a key factor, actual “influence” includes so much more, especially in healthcare. With a boom in influencers in recent years, some may have hundreds, thousands or millions of followers. In most cases, looking only at reach would simply lead us to celebrities, high-profile individuals, journalists or popular bloggers who make a living from their blog.
  • An influencer is more than followers; they need to be active, consistent and authoritative on the subject, engaging frequently and truly dedicated to their blog or social presence, as it relates to the topic at hand.

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