Interested in how Digital and Social Media can help in Clinical Studies and Trials? Trust us, we can go on for hours.

Clinical Trials Need a Dose of Creativity and New Ideas to Reshape Perception, Increase Awareness and Drive Recruitment.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), at least 80% of clinical trials in the US fail to meet their patient recruitment goals.

The financial effects of this can be tremendous – $37,000 in operational costs and between $600,000 and $8,000,000 in lost opportunity costs for each day of delay.

Out With the Old.

Banner ads, media placements, radio ads, cookie-cutter patient websites, and complex science the average person can barely understand are still mainstays of clinical trial recruitment. Hundreds of thousands of dollars go wasted, with little to show for it. 

It’s Time for a Change. 

We combine principles of consumer-oriented design, content, messaging and channel optimization with the sensitive nature of any condition, the science behind it and emerging treatments and the regulatory environment surrounding trials, to transform the look and feel of clinical trial awareness and recruitment for the future. 

Investment in research for insights, tailored and unique messaging, creative design, marketing and advertising in new approaches to clinical trial communications can show exponential value in recruitment, and ultimately, end-trial results.

Awareness, Education and Recruitment

Create a seamless experience for patients is key to erasing the stigma and attracting potential trial candidates in a way that is inviting, warm and forward-looking, rather than clinical, sterile or an experiment.

Drive more efficiently towards business goals with a comprehensive, connected digital-social media ecosystem featuring specialized creative content and messaging, efficient audience targeting with paid social and a mobile-accessible website that is easy to understand, accessible for the average person and focuses on the end-goal of educating and enrolling patients. 

  • Research and understand your audience with R.A.D.A.R. Dive deep to identify what patients and caregivers need, find gaps in the information available and help to uncover the right messages, content, platforms and formats by which to deliver a fresh, new and engaging experience. 
  • Create a new look and feel around clinical trials by revamping a typically sterile medical and scientific landscape into an inviting brand with helpful content, multiple touch-points and provide a streamlined experience to raise awareness, educate and facilitate doctor-patient conversations. 
  • Reach the right patients, caregivers, families and healthcare professionals via the unique targeting capabilities of social media platforms and other ways of reaching relevant audiences at a time when they are actively seeking information or looking to make a decision.
  • Educate patients and their families in pragmatic and consumable ways, using fresh terminology to explain the benefits of studies and the science via easy to understand videos and other multimedia content. Explain how trials can be safe, beneficial and potentially offer access to treatment that can help when little else can. 
  • Mobilize those seeking information and looking to take action around a diagnosis or after switching treatments – when patients are highly motivated – by leveraging multimedia content, accessible conversation starters and guides to streamline the ability to speak to a nurse or doctor, or volunteer for a trial.