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BK Digital evaluates your Digital and Social Media ecosystems, your agency and/or internal activities for inefficiencies, improvements and enhancements.

Whether you’re an agency with a pitch, or a client seeking help to validate agency proposals, recommendations and actual feasibility, we’re here with you step-by-step.

  • Agency and Vendor Evaluation, Selection Consulting
    • Considerations in digital/social media agency selection process
    • Stress testing agency plans during or after pitch process to ensure set up for success
    • Identify potential participation, technical and general barriers, evaluate and provide solutions
  • Customized Digital and Social Media Communications Training Programs
    • General Digital/Social Trainings Programs for Individuals or Teams
  • Pharma FDA Trainings, Guidance
  • Digital, Web, Mobile and Social Marketing and Communications Strategies
    • Digital & Social Department and Team Structures, Operations, Process and Required Roles/Expertise
  • Digital and Social Media Corporate/Brand Level Guidelines, SOPs, Playbooks
  • New Business Pitching and Presentations
  • Creative Brainstorming, Social Campaign Development
  • Medical Conference Support and Digital Innovation (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Multi-Touch Tables and Screens, Interactive Platforms