Interested in how Digital and Social Media can help in Clinical Studies and Trials? Trust us, we can go on for hours.

Clinical Trials, Studies, Research and Development need a dose of creativity.

Digital technology and social media can set studies up for success.

With complex medical information, working with specific demographics or ethnicities, the industry has spent decades trying to communicate the importance of research and development, making little progress.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), at least 80% of clinical trials in the US fail to meet their patient recruitment goals.

The financial effects of this can be tremendous – $37,000 in operational costs and between $600,000 and $8,000,000 in lost opportunity costs for each day of delay.

We seek to combine the best of consumer-oriented content, messaging and channel optimization to bring studies down to earth.

Growing investment for clinical trials, research and medical studies in marketing communications for pharmaceuticals, research institutes, advocacy groups, universities and hospitals can show exponential value in recruitment, retention, adherence and trial results.

Creating a seamless experience for patients is key to erasing the stigma and attracting potential trial candidates in a way that is inviting, warm and forward-looking, rather than clinical or sterile.

⇒ Recruitment: Drive more efficiently towards patient goals with specialized creative content, targeting and  optimizing digital and social channels

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 1.11.28 AM.pngUse multimedia content like animated videos to form a truly patient-centric approach to connecting with patients. Begin by understanding your audience with R.A.D.A.R.. We search to identify gaps in reaching the right patients, helping to uncover er the right messages, technologies, platforms and formats by which to deliver content to our audiences.

  • Research into conditions and therapies across social media is widely supported by passionate patients, caregivers, families and loved ones, along with health-conscious technology users growing day by day (just think Ice Bucket Challenge). We seek to mobilize that passion to drive study awareness and participation, framing studies in a way not typical of the past. 
  • Reach an exponential number of people, including the hardest to reach extending your studies to places you haven’t reached before. Not only can we help reach prospective patients via a variety of touch-points, we can actively involve them in a trial remotely, just as if they were on-site.
  • Educate our patients and their families about the benefits of studies using easy to understand video and content. Explain how trials can be safe, beneficial and potentially offer access to treatment that can help when nothing can. Not to mention the contribution to future breakthroughs in drug development.

⇒ Study Implementation and Analysis

We use secure technology including live chat, video calling, text messages and password protected patient and investigator hubs to streamline communication and collaboration Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 1.13.11 AM.pngduring a study. Real-time tracking of results, steady check-ins, reminders at our fingertips can bring down costs while increasing methods and efficiencies in patient data collection. Additional educational materials are also provided here, along with updates to the study and any related news.

Mobile devices and wearables, including GPS, location services health tracking also help track health metrics that further enhance study results with additional data, while offering the ability to reach people at times we never have before – including those times when they’re standing on line, watching TV or searching for things on our computers.                     1480327744_mobile_advertisingtext_messaging Facebook Paid Money FistDesktopMobile