Services for Consumer, Pharma, Patient, Advocacy and Healthcare Professional Communications Across Digital and Social Media

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Operations. Structure. Personnel. Process. Platforms. Insights. Strategy. Messaging. Content. Implementation. Analytics.

BK Digital is a unique, innovative Digital/Social Media Consulting Practice born out of the Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising Agency environment with the intent to be flexible in every way, shape or form to adapt to our clients needs as you work adapt to include or expand on Digital and Social media as a part of your business.

Personalized, Adaptive consultancy is our goal. Workshopping is our style.

We adapt to your individual needs around digital and social media at nearly any level, whether day-to-day or as it relates process, procedures and operations that lead to successful initiatives .

Our approach, organic and meant to evolve with you and your company, is a balance of applying the very best of digital/social expertise in the right places, at the right time and with the right talent.

With a unique blend of experts, we identify areas of inefficiency in processes and procedures that have hurt Agencies and their end clients both financially and as it relates to the ability to retain business and evolve with the digital landscape moving so quickly around us for more than a decade.  

Most importantly…we love this stuff. Technology is consistently amazing. The psychology of digital and social interactions will be examined for centuries to come.

It’s challenging, dynamic and our passion lies in navigating communications with our target audience at the center.

Click here to download a PDF of Services and Capabilities.

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