Pharma Mobile Apps Are Not Dead and Kudos Sanofi, But More Can Be Done

In my eyes, we’ve only uncovered the tip of the iceberg for health and mobile, it has always just been a matter of avoiding the giant block of ambiguous ice that lives underneath that tip – but with the proper navigation, the opportunity for innovation and success is unlimited. The caution comes mostly in the fear of risk (with…

Mobile Apps & Search to Enhance Doctor-Patient Discussions

Search and the fact that a mobile device may already be in a physician’s hand during a patient visit offers a unique opportunity – let’s use that device to better communicate information about a disease or condition to the patient in a way they are more likely to understand. Technology allows touch interaction, video provides a visual means of understanding. Memorability even comes merely in the form of awe in how cool an app may be, leading one to explore others like it.