A Call for the Digital/Social Expert [Consultant] as a Priority Partner

With nearly a decade working in the rapidly evolving industry, I’ve noticed a variety of reasons why the pitch process, relationships between digital/social experts, account teams at agencies and properly following through on execution are not working smoothly. This is one of the core reasons behind Pharma’s lack of progress – not to minimize regulatory hurdles at all – but we also need to recognize that traditional PR, advertising, marketing processes and people are being deployed into what is a very complex, dynamic environment.

Don’t Just Use Social – BE SOCIAL (and why that’s okay for Pharma)

Social Media is not to be used merely as a channel for distribution, nor to drive to your website or run contests to get people to “Like” your page or follow your handle.

It’s known as “Social Media” because it all started with being social. Connecting with friends, family and acquaintances. Brands suddenly became involved in what were Social Networks, most unable to grasp the nature of the medium from the beginning. Many have adapted, others still fall far behind.

Community Managers: Striking a Balance Between Passion and Experience

The most successful community managers will be passionate about their work, which means the content they’re sharing will be higher quality and the conversations they are having more relevant. Personality, enthusiasm and expertise in the topics shows true commitment, which entices engagement and builds trust within the community – especially as it relates to health.  Community Managers – the…