BK Digital: A Fresh Approach to Digital and Social Media Consulting for Agencies and Companies


Services for Consumer, Pharma, Patient, Advocacy and Healthcare Professional Communications Across Digital and Social Media

BK Digital is a multi-disciplinary Digital and Social Media consultancy born out of Marketing and Public Relations in the Pharma, Healthcare and Consumer product industries.

We evaluate your Digital and Social Media ecosystems, your agency and/or internal activities for inefficiencies, improvements and enhancements. 

Whether you’re an agency with a pitch, or a client seeking help to validate agency proposals, recommendations and actual feasibility, we’re here with you step-by-step.

Recognizing the challenges of integrating Digital/Social innovation and communications in traditional company settings, BK Digital was launched as a catalyst to foster progressive disruption within the industry, including corporate and brand marketing teams – on both the agency and client sides – removing barriers to advancement and driving towards business results. BK Digital takes pride in focusing on patient, consumers and healthcare professionals, working with agility to create content and find digital and social solutions that truly help and/or provide actionable value for our audiences.

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Coordination of technology, platforms, social listening, digital audits, insight gathering, strategy Converge_Logo_ICON-01.pngdevelopment, content planning, engagement, influencer identification, paid amplification, analytics and staying on the cutting edge of technology and trends are key tenets of BK Digital’s core operating principles, allowing seamless integration and long-term, efficient collaboration across complex digital

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Click through to download a PDF of Services and Capabilities.

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